Marijuana Infused Oils

Marijuana Infused Oils can be used in many different ways. By infusing hemp oil, olive oil, or your favorite vegetable/cooking oil with medical marijuana, you open up many more possible uses. I personally recommend hemp oil, as it is from the same plant as marijuana, (the cannabis plant) it tastes great, and is 100% natural.

Marijuana Infused Oils

A little hemp oil or olive oil infused with medical marijuana, can be drizzled over a salad, or even used to cook with on low heat. Sauteed veggies, with a little infused oil drizzled on them near the end, make a great tasting and very nutritious meal.

Another use for infused oils includes, using them as massage oils. By infusing medical marijuana into hemp oil, and using it in aromatherapy, or medical massage, you open up many more avenues for its use. When used topically, infused oils work in a whole different way than when ingested. For instance, massaging infused oil into a particular muscle that is giving you problems, is a great way to stop muscle aches and spasms, without smoking marijuana, ingesting it, or “getting high”. (when ingested the “high” or “medicated” feeling is obtained)

Medical Marijuana Topical Balms and Rubs are another “no high”, smokeless method of using marijuana as medicine.

Medical Marijuana Balm and Hemp Oils

A medical marijuana balm that contains hemp oil, beeswax, and essential oils used in aromatherapy, is another great way to take away your aches and pains, without getting you high, and without smoking. There are many topical uses for medical marijuana, including treating; eczema, inflammation, muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, gout, rashes, dry skin and several more.

With a little research, and some experimenting with recipes, a medical marijuana patient can usually find a combination of methods that is right for them.

As you can see, there are many uses for medical marijuana, and several methods that can be used safely – even by children, with no worries about smoking or getting high. I’m sure if you have a “qualifying condition” and live in one of the current 16 Medical Marijuana States, (or D.C.) that medical marijuana can help you too.

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