Investing in Medical Marijuana Products

Investing in Medical Marijuana Products

With all the cannabis infused products like homemade, tinctures, creams, balms, and cannabis infused lotions and potions, edibles and oils and even medicated suckers…… how do you know if your medical cannabis product is safe?

First of all, if you follow the patient/caregiver model, you should be making your own cannabis infused products, or at the very least have a caregiver who is willing to learn how to make the infused cannabis products you want.

The truth is, many cannabis infused products can be made fairly easily, and somewhat cheaply right at home, if you just do your homework. I suggest reading as many herbal healing books as you can, as well as books about health, nutrition and cannabis. This way you get a full understanding of how medicinal plants work, as well as what your body needs from them.

Education is the first step in making SAFE and effective products for your own personal use.

Anyone can look up a cannabis infusion recipe on YouTube and throw together some concoction in their garage and call it a cannabis medicine. The truth is, unless they did some serious research, all they have done is follow a recipe that someone posted on the internet.

Whether or not this concoction works is not necessarily the issue at hand. After all, a half gallon of Jack Daniels along with a hammer will WORK for a toothache. However – it is not safe, and is certainly not medicine at all – even if it does get the job done!

Medical Marijuana Medicine a Good Investment?

To be medicine, the person making it first needs to not just understand how to follow a recipe, but they need to understand what each and every ingredient in that recipe does, and what it’s purpose is, as well as how it is going to react with the individual they are selling it too.

Once a person has an understanding of ALL the compounds and ingredients they are working with (which only come after years of research and devotion), they should also learn how the human body works, and how those concoctions are going to affect the person taking them.

Can the person selling you your “medicine” explain to you how it is absorbed into the skin? If they are selling you an infused balm or other skin product, they should damn well be able to tell you how it was made, and how it works.

How about the labeling? Does the product you just spent $50 on even have a label that tells you what is in it?