Indica Vs. Sativa: Different Types of Cannabis

If you have been around weed a while you have undoubtedly heard the words Sativa and/or Indica. If you are new to smoking, and haven’t heard them, pay attention because you are about to start learning more about the spectrum that is weed.

You will be able to drop knowledge on your long time smoker buddies after reading this, the reason I say that is because most people that use marijuana have zero clue about the differences, and will most likely feed you wrong information.

I will begin by explaining the spectrum of weed, it’s pretty simple, there is Indica on one end and Sativa on the other. That’s it, the in between is the hybrid zone. Each side of the spectrum has its own unique traits/effects, they share a few as well.

Indica plants have several key traits/effects that set them apart…


  • Shorter in height
  • Shorter fatter leaves
  • Darker color green (usually)
  • Denser, Heavier buds
  • Mature/Flower faster For this reason many growers that grow for profit grow Indica strains.


  • I found Indica to have a more pungent earthy smell, for true Indica strains.


  • High is a more relaxed, body high
  • High is slower to come on, but lasts longer
  • I smoke Indica strains only when I am getting ready to sleep. (Or, no matter how unlikely, if I run out of my other weed. Ha)

Sativas are my favorite types of strains, while I am planning to stay awake. Sativa strains are the yang to the ying of Indica.


  • Taller in height
  • Thinner, longer leaves
  • Lighter green color
  • I have found that Sativa strains tend to produce more crystals on the bud.


  • Very sweet smelling
  • Very strong smell


  • More of a head high then body
  • More energetic

Like I said before, I prefer Sativa strains, but it all depends on the particular strain and your own physiological make up. Things affect people differently. There is no one “pure” sativa or “pure” indica strain, since no one has a baseline for what is considered pure, but if you are patient, you can grow your own weed suited to your taste.

This won’t happen overnight though, you will have to spend much time finding the strains that you want to experiment with, and then growing and cross pollinating them. It can be done though, look at Mendel’s cross pollination model. I can’t believe I was able to recall the name of that monk, that was from 8th grade. And they say marijuana affects the memory, Ha.