How to Explain Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana, and the children – what do we tell them?

The simple answer here is – tell the truth!

The truth is, medical marijuana is a valuable tool, that can be used to help people in pain, treat many conditions SAFELY, and it is a better alternative than taking addictive, dangerous, and costly prescription pills.

How to Explain Medical Marijuana

Marijuana, also called cannabis, is a very misunderstood plant, that has been around for at least thousands of years, and possibly since the beginning of time itself. For this reason, I suggest that before you talk to your children about medical marijuana, you take a little time to first educate yourself about marijuana, it’s history, and the many uses of marijuana worldwide.

Learn about how marijuana, which used to be called cannabis, has been used for at least 5,000 years of recorded history, with no recorded deaths reported – ever!

Take a moment to read about how medical marijuana was used in the United States, all the way up until prohibition began, for almost all common illnesses and ailments. Head on over to google, and look up some information, about how almost every president throughout our country’s history, used marijuana/cannabis, to treat their conditions – at one time or another.

Look up the facts first, then talk to your children and give them the information they need, so that they can understand exactly what medical marijuana is – and what it isn’t.

Medical marijuana is NOT the dangerous narcotic, that some people would lead you to believe. Cannabis is actually an herb, one that has the great ability to interact with the human body, in ways we really are just beginning to understand.

Before you worry about sending OUR children the wrong message, let me tell you, by acting like medical marijuana is not medicine, we are already sending them the wrong message.

The Truth About Medical Marijuana

The message we are sending to our children, when we ignore medical marijuana is: “we are idiots and we don’t care enough about you, to tell you the truth”.

OUR CHILDREN – won’t be children forever. Don’t you want to arm them with the facts they need, before it’s too late? Do you think telling them marijuana is not medicine now, then letting them find out it is later, is not going to confuse them and make them lose trust in us?