How do I get Medical Marijuana?

How to get medical marijuana is the most sought after information on this site. So, seeing that everyone wants to know how they can get medical marijuana, we’ll cover a few of the very basics about medical marijuana in this article.

Recently, someone asked me “how do I get medical marijuana?”. This very simple question is one that is often overlooked.

How do I get Medical Marijuana?

First off, in order for you to get medical marijuana, you need to live in a medical marijuana state. Currently there are 17 States (plus D.C., our Nation’s Capitol) that have Medical Marijuana programs. (17 Medical Marijuana States)

Next, if you live in a medical marijuana state, you need to look at the requirements for obtaining a medical marijuana license. If you have one of the qualifying conditions, you can visit a doctor who specializes in medical marijuana, or ask your primary physician about obtaining your registration card (if required).

The states that have medical marijuana programs usually allow personal cultivation of medical marijuana, as well as the option of having a caregiver grow your medical marijuana for you. Another option in some states, is to visit the local medical marijuana dispensary, and get their medicine from them.

Once you become a medical marijuana patient, there are a few options for legally obtaining medical marijuana. (legal in your state, but still federally illegal) Depending on your states medical marijuana law, you will be able to either grow your own cannabis, choose a medical marijuana caregiver to grow your cannabis for you, or buy it for a drastically overpriced amount, from a dispensary.

The preferred method of obtaining medical marijuana for most people, is to grow their own, or have a friend/caregiver grow it for them. This is not only the cheapest method of obtaining your medicine, but it is the only sure way to know exactly what you are getting in your medical marijuana. Everything from the PH level of the water, to the exact nutrients used, will be known if you grow it yourself.

I always suggest growing your own medical marijuana (when allowed), especially if your only other option is to pay a huge markup for something that might not quite match-up to medical standards.

Remember these steps for getting medical marijuana:

  • Must live in Medical Marijuana State
  • Must have Qualifying Condition
  • Visit M.D./D.O./PCP and fill out application
  • Register with proper State Dept.
  • Choose legal method of obtaining your medicine
  • learn, experiment with methods of medicating – HAVE FUN!

Once you become a medical marijuana patient, you will have a mind-boggling amount of options to choose from when it comes to picking varieties of cannabis for use and preferred method of use. You will also have a few more options on how to obtain your medical marijuana

P2P Transfer of Medical Marijuana

Another option I have not mentioned yet, is another good, but controversial method of obtaining your medicine. This method is known as P2P or patient to patient transfers of medical marijuana. P2P transfers are allowed according to some laws, and not allowed according to laws in other medical marijuana States.

Basically, a P2P transfer is when one legally registered patient, transfers a small amount of medical marijuana (amount legal to possess by both patients), to another legally registered patient.

Some states appear to allow P2P transfers, while others do not. We highly encourage you to check the legality on P2P transfers before conducting one. Also, you should get to know someone very well before conducting a P2P transfer. This is after-all your medicine we are talking about, and you wouldn’t want to buy it from just anybody, now would you?

Come back to this site often for more information on using medical marijuana, as well as articles that will talk about medical marijuana news, and different methods of use, recipes, and tips on choosing the medical marijuana variety that is right for the condition you have.