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How to Explain Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana, and the children – what do we tell them?

The simple answer here is – tell the truth!

The truth is, medical marijuana is a valuable tool, that can be used to help people in pain, treat many conditions SAFELY, and it is a better alternative than taking addictive, dangerous, and costly prescription pills.

How to Explain Medical Marijuana

Marijuana, also called cannabis, is a very misunderstood plant, that has been around for at least thousands of years, and possibly since the beginning of time itself. For this reason, I suggest that before you talk to your children about medical marijuana, you take a little time to first educate yourself about marijuana, it’s history, and the many uses of marijuana worldwide.

Learn about how marijuana, which used to be called cannabis, has been used for at least 5,000 years of recorded history, with no recorded deaths reported – ever!

Take a moment to read about how medical marijuana was used in the United States, all the way up until prohibition began, for almost all common illnesses and ailments. Head on over to google, and look up some information, about how almost every president throughout our country’s history, used marijuana/cannabis, to treat their conditions – at one time or another.

Look up the facts first, then talk to your children and give them the information they need, so that they can understand exactly what medical marijuana is – and what it isn’t.

Medical marijuana is NOT the dangerous narcotic, that some people would lead you to believe. Cannabis is actually an herb, one that has the great ability to interact with the human body, in ways we really are just beginning to understand.

Before you worry about sending OUR children the wrong message, let me tell you, by acting like medical marijuana is not medicine, we are already sending them the wrong message.

The Truth About Medical Marijuana

The message we are sending to our children, when we ignore medical marijuana is: “we are idiots and we don’t care enough about you, to tell you the truth”.

OUR CHILDREN – won’t be children forever. Don’t you want to arm them with the facts they need, before it’s too late? Do you think telling them marijuana is not medicine now, then letting them find out it is later, is not going to confuse them and make them lose trust in us?

Marijuana Infused Oils

Marijuana Infused Oils can be used in many different ways. By infusing hemp oil, olive oil, or your favorite vegetable/cooking oil with medical marijuana, you open up many more possible uses. I personally recommend hemp oil, as it is from the same plant as marijuana, (the cannabis plant) it tastes great, and is 100% natural.

Marijuana Infused Oils

A little hemp oil or olive oil infused with medical marijuana, can be drizzled over a salad, or even used to cook with on low heat. Sauteed veggies, with a little infused oil drizzled on them near the end, make a great tasting and very nutritious meal.

Another use for infused oils includes, using them as massage oils. By infusing medical marijuana into hemp oil, and using it in aromatherapy, or medical massage, you open up many more avenues for its use. When used topically, infused oils work in a whole different way than when ingested. For instance, massaging infused oil into a particular muscle that is giving you problems, is a great way to stop muscle aches and spasms, without smoking marijuana, ingesting it, or “getting high”. (when ingested the “high” or “medicated” feeling is obtained)

Medical Marijuana Topical Balms and Rubs are another “no high”, smokeless method of using marijuana as medicine.

Medical Marijuana Balm and Hemp Oils

A medical marijuana balm that contains hemp oil, beeswax, and essential oils used in aromatherapy, is another great way to take away your aches and pains, without getting you high, and without smoking. There are many topical uses for medical marijuana, including treating; eczema, inflammation, muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, gout, rashes, dry skin and several more.

With a little research, and some experimenting with recipes, a medical marijuana patient can usually find a combination of methods that is right for them.

As you can see, there are many uses for medical marijuana, and several methods that can be used safely – even by children, with no worries about smoking or getting high. I’m sure if you have a “qualifying condition” and live in one of the current 16 Medical Marijuana States, (or D.C.) that medical marijuana can help you too.

For information on the many uses of marijuana, check out my other sites: and

If you are into natural healing, and want to learn more about healing the body naturally, where I’ll be posting some great information on healing the body naturally through the age-old art of Aromatherapy. Many of the essential oils used in aromatherapy are similar to the essential oils and terpenes produced naturally, within the marijuana plant!

Indica Vs. Sativa: Different Types of Cannabis

If you have been around weed a while you have undoubtedly heard the words Sativa and/or Indica. If you are new to smoking, and haven’t heard them, pay attention because you are about to start learning more about the spectrum that is weed.

You will be able to drop knowledge on your long time smoker buddies after reading this, the reason I say that is because most people that use marijuana have zero clue about the differences, and will most likely feed you wrong information.

I will begin by explaining the spectrum of weed, it’s pretty simple, there is Indica on one end and Sativa on the other. That’s it, the in between is the hybrid zone. Each side of the spectrum has its own unique traits/effects, they share a few as well.

Indica plants have several key traits/effects that set them apart…


  • Shorter in height
  • Shorter fatter leaves
  • Darker color green (usually)
  • Denser, Heavier buds
  • Mature/Flower faster For this reason many growers that grow for profit grow Indica strains.


  • I found Indica to have a more pungent earthy smell, for true Indica strains.


  • High is a more relaxed, body high
  • High is slower to come on, but lasts longer
  • I smoke Indica strains only when I am getting ready to sleep. (Or, no matter how unlikely, if I run out of my other weed. Ha)

Sativas are my favorite types of strains, while I am planning to stay awake. Sativa strains are the yang to the ying of Indica.


  • Taller in height
  • Thinner, longer leaves
  • Lighter green color
  • I have found that Sativa strains tend to produce more crystals on the bud.


  • Very sweet smelling
  • Very strong smell


  • More of a head high then body
  • More energetic

Like I said before, I prefer Sativa strains, but it all depends on the particular strain and your own physiological make up. Things affect people differently. There is no one “pure” sativa or “pure” indica strain, since no one has a baseline for what is considered pure, but if you are patient, you can grow your own weed suited to your taste.

This won’t happen overnight though, you will have to spend much time finding the strains that you want to experiment with, and then growing and cross pollinating them. It can be done though, look at Mendel’s cross pollination model. I can’t believe I was able to recall the name of that monk, that was from 8th grade. And they say marijuana affects the memory, Ha.

What States have Legal Medical Marijuana

Currently there are 15 States that have made medical marijuana legal. Washington D.C. has also recently passed medical marijuana laws in their District. That’s right, our nation’s capitol now has medical marijuana! (while it is still illegal on the federal level)

The 15 States that currently allow medical marijuana are as follows:

Alaska; ballot measure 8 was voted on and accepted in 1998 and allows possession of 1 ounce usable marijuana, along with possession of 6 plants. (3 mature, 3 immature)

Arizona; prop 203 was passed with a vote of just 50.13% in 2010 and is being enacted in 2011. Proposition 203 allows personal growing of 12 plants for patients that live 25 miles or more away from a dispensary. It also allows the personal possession of 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana.

California; proposition 215 allows 8 ounces of usable marijuana along with 18 plants. 6 mature plants and 12 immature plants are allowed. Proposition 215 has been in effect since 1996.

Colorado; enacted in 2000 Ballot Amendment 20 allows 2 ounces of usable marijuana, and cultivation of 6 cannabis plants, 3 being mature marijuana plants, and the other 3 immature.

Washington DC; in our Nation’s Capitol, Amendment Act B18-622 passed by a vote of 13/0 in 2010 and allows 2 ounces of dried;usable marijuana, with “limits on other forms to be determined”

Hawaii; saying aloha to medical marijuana since the year 2000 when Senate Bill 862 passed. Senate Bill 862 allows 3 ounces of usable marijuana, along with cultivation of up to 7 plants. 3 mature, 4 immature marijuana plants are allowed in Hawaii.

Maine; Ballot Question 2 passed by 61% in 1999 and allows 2.5 oz. of usable marijuana and 6 plants for personal cultivation.

Michigan; Proposal 1 passed in 2008 by 63% and allows 2.5 oz usable “marijuana” and cultivation of 12 marijuana plants by either the patient, OR their caregiver whom may grow for up to 5 patients.

Montana; Initiative 148 allows medical marijuana patients to possess 1 oz usable marijuana, and to cultivate up to 6 marijuana plants for medicinal use.

Nevada; Ballot Question 9 passed by 65% in the year 2000 and allows patients to possess 1 ounce usable marijuana along with 7 marijuana plants. 3 mature plants and 4 immature marijuana plants are specified by the law.

New Jersey; Senate Bill 119 passed in 2010 and allows 2 ounces usable marijuana.

New Mexico; Passed in 2007, Senate Bill 523 allows 6 ounces of usable marijuana and 16 plants. 4 mature/12 immature.

Oregon; Ballot Measure 67 passed in 1998 and allows 24 oz usable and up to 24 plants of which 6 can be mature and 18 immature.

Rhode Island; Senate Bill 0710 passed in 2006 and allows 2.5 ounces usable marijuana and cultivation of up to 12 plants.

Vermont; Senate Bill 76 passed in 2004 and allows 2 oz usable marijuana and 9 marijuana plants. 2 mature and 7 immature plants are allowed by SB 76.

Washington; Initiative 692 passed in 1998 and allows 24 oz usable marijuana and up to 15 marijuana plants to be cultivated.